Juris Applications running on IBM Mainframe

20 September, 2017. Juris Technologies is proud to announce that the Juris Application Server and the flagship applications JOM, Juris Collect, Juris Credit, Juris Legal and Juris Agency are now certified for IBM Mainframe systems running the advanced zLinux operating system.

John Lim, Chief Technology Officer of Juris, says, “We have always wanted to run our software on the most powerful system imaginable, namely the IBM Mainframe, and today we have achieved our dream.” John also added that in internal benchmarks, he witnessed the highest level of application server performance he had ever seen in a production system.

These Juris applications are running on zLinux in one of the leading banks in Malaysia.

Juris Technologies Privacy Policy

Last updated: 1st March 2017

Juris Technologies is a Malaysian IT company. This page informs you of Juris Technologies policies regarding the collection, use and disclosure of Personal Information we receive from users who access this site, our mobile chat applications, our Facebook pages, and other channels of communication.

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CEO Wai Hun on Achieving “Work-Life Balance”

Wai Hun has attended a specialized event organized by Applecrumby & Fish to share her experiences in achieving “work-life-balance” as she juggles between her role as the main visionary of the company and a Mom to her two lovely daughters. The Tea Party was attended by other amazing Mommy entrepreneurs sharing their self-discovered dexterities in both corporate and home management.

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KATMB Project awarded to Juris Technologies

The cooperative offers financial products that are Shariah-compliant financing scheme, Ar-Rahnu and ATM Group Takaful Scheme and the products of other insurance. Juris technologies will deliver a complete suite of banking solutions with proven swift time-to-market product deployment. Two of the solutions to be provided to Koperasi are Juris Origination Management (JOM) – loan origination system that will handle welfare and financing products and Juris Collect which is a platform that help users to manage collection strategies.

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