Juris Technologies Launches New Logo!

In 2018, Juris Technologies reinvents its image through a logo that is more in tune with the fast-paced world of financial technology.

We’re also rebranding ourselves from Juris Technologies to simply JurisTech, which is more in conjunction with our “fun and innovative” approach towards getting things done, not to mention the time we’ll save every time Juris Technologies is mentioned.

The new logo is meant to express our adventurous personality and tenacious dedication towards making businesses run more efficiently. The winky J is our way of saying that even though we are doing heavy and serious enterprise solutions, we still have fun doing it.

The winky J also embodies our friendliness. In a world where FinTech start-ups are competing against banks, we’re here to help banks stay ahead of the competition and be the trailblazers on our solutions.

The grey “e” button embodies one of our best kept secret of solutions’ design and prowess through the years. Juris software has been designed for robustness yet extremely agile and this is achieved significantly on the “e” button.

When you log in to our system as a power user, the “e” button magically appears on different sections of the screen that allows a non-programmer to transform the web pages easily.  The “e” button has been our secret to enable the solution to be so agile, that we can easily work with our customers to do agile development and showcase the changes in real-time. That’s what we refer to as “the power of e”. It stands for enable, empower and engage!” said See Wai Hun, founding CEO of JurisTech.

The new logo still retains the red and black color scheme of its predecessor, a nod to the company’s rich history over the past two decades of creating exceptional software solutions for globally renowned financial institutions.

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