• Talian Nur 15999 is our latest Juris Contact customer after DBKL and Tenaga Nasional

    Next, we extended Juris Contact CRM for Tenaga Nasional which is the main Malaysian Energy Provider for the entire country. The call centers and the field engineers can receive up to 8000 calls per day which attests to the scalability of Juris Contact solution to maintain and provide an efficient public delivery service for all reports made. This includes assigning calls to the respective field force technicians and teams up to resolution of these calls by ensuring that supply is restored within certain service level agreements. For each breach of service level, based on the type of outage, JurisTech will escalate via SMS to the maintenance engineers up to the General Managers of the respective states. Once supply is restored, if the calls are made through handphones, JurisTech will automatically notify the customer that supply has been restored. SMS surveys are also automatically sent out the next day to ascertain customer satisfaction.

    Now, we are yet providing the public another service through Talian Nur (15999) which was just launched recently by our Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. This service is an integrated one stop center set up by the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry. “Talian Nur” is the hotline link to enable early intervention for victims of domestic violence, child abuse, and natural disasters and this is again powered by Juris Contact. We completed the implementation of Juris Contact CRM for Talian Nur in a short two months’ time frame with complete workflow escalation of information sent to the respective branches based on different types of calls received by the public. The process also ensures that each call is attended to and each call is resolved.

    So, we can proudly say that Juris Contact has managed to service the public through delivery of a powerful case management and CRM solution to empower our customers to give the public excellent service.

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