• SME Bank awards Collection & Recovery tender to JurisTech

    JurisTech continues to be the Malaysian market leader in Credit Risk Management solutions, offering the widest range of innovative and proven technologies to enable internal collectors and external parties such as lawyers to manage delinquent accounts and reduce NPL.

    JurisTech’s proven expertise in legal recovery, connecting lawyers to banks for loan and financing recovery with the entire legal workflow process in place will allow SME Bank to achieve their goals faster and more efficiently.

    Malaysia’s SME Bank is dedicated to the accelerated growth of Malaysian SMEs. Through better segmentation of SME financial and non-financial needs by industry, stage of growth and product and market potential, the Bank will strive to hasten the loan processing of eligible SMEs to meet their financing needs as well as support their business growth requirements through the provision of timely advisory services.

    The principal activities of the Bank are to provide financing as well as financial and business advisory services to Malaysian SMEs residing within predefined categories which have been framed within the SME classification guidelines of the National SME Development Council.

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