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    Naaman Lee, COO of JurisTech speaking on ways to scale in recruitment.

    ‘Hiring the best is your most important task,’ a famous quote by Steve Jobs.

    How then do we recruit and retain the best?

    Addressing this frequently asked question, a panel of esteemed speakers consisting of Naaman Lee, COO of Juris Technologies, Andrew Ooi, Co-founder of Inspidea, and Bernard Chang, Chief Partnerships Distribution Officer of Prudential Malaysia came to discuss the ins and outs of recruiting the best to scale an organisation.

    ScaleUp Endeavor is an initiative by Endeavor Malaysia. It is a 12-month intensive programme that provides high-potential startups with access to Endeavor’s local network of expert entrepreneurs and mentors. Endeavor organised their third ScaleUp Endeavor workshop focusing on people.

    Finding the right people is one of the toughest scaling hurdles to cross. Recruiting someone who understands the business, has product knowledge, technical skill, and can guarantee at least some measure of success, is challenging. Whilst recruiting is challenging, retaining them is another big hurdle altogether. Getting these people on board is a long-term process and requires the founders’ personal involvement especially for startups.

    Andrew, Co-founder of Inspidea spoke of the importance of being who you really are as an organisation brand itself in order to recruit and retain. He further explained that when organisations portray their own unique personalities, their cultures and values can be seen distinctly. Thus, this attracts the right people holding the same believe and vision.

    In addition, establishing external-facing strategies is very crucial. ‘It is hard to communicate the ‘why’, but by doing that, you’re breaking down the wall of pretentiousness,’ said Naaman as he explains the importance of communicating the organisation’s vision.

    Clearly, for employees to make a long-term commitment to an organisation, the employer will need to give them good reason to stay. Hence, the need to articulate the ‘why’.

    Having the right mindset can shift the atmosphere of an organisation and showcase the culture of the organisation. Then, how does an organisation articulate their mindset?

    ‘Language determines the mindset’, said Naaman.

    Bernard, Chief Partnerships Distribution Officer of Prudential Malaysia also gave his point that one should be very clear on their stand. Guarding the culture of the organisation by washing out those who poisons it.

    It was indeed an inspiring heart to heart session from the panel speakers to the young budding entrepreneurs. A sense of purpose sown in each individual of the organisation goes a long way. Ever since Naaman started the GECO initiative, JurisTech is now thriving and embracing our core values.

    endeavor, recruitment, vision, people, core values, mindset, interviews, recruit and retain, hiring

    Third ScaleUp Endeavor workshop focusing on people at JurisTech.

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