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    Koperasi Angkatan Tentera Malaysia Berhad also known as the Armed Forces Cooperative is a multipurpose cooperative established in 1960 with the goal of improving the socio-economic status and welfare of the Malaysian Armed Forces.  Military Co-operative Membership is open to all members of the Armed Forces (ATM) and all civil servants employed by the Ministry of Defense. Total membership ends August 31, 2015, stood at 153.115 persons with fund members, including the fees collected and the share capital of RM1.144 billion.

    The cooperative offers financial products that are Shariah-compliant financing scheme, Ar-Rahnu and ATM Group Takaful Scheme and the products of other insurance. Military operatives also involved in selective investment activities such as strategic investments each with a 30% shareholding in the Great Eastern Takaful Malaysia Berhad and Pacific Mutual Fund Berhad.

    JurisTech deliver a complete suite of banking solutions with proven swift time-to-market product deployment. Two of the solutions to be provided to Koperasi are Juris Origination Management (JOM) – loan origination system that will handle welfare and financing products and Juris Collect which is a platform that helps users to manage collection strategies.

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