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    Harness the power of ‘e

    Empowering capabilities at every level

    You probably must be wondering what the ‘e’ stands for. At JurisTech, ‘e’ stands for empowerment in our growing work culture. Imagine empowering a non-programmer with the ability to customise solutions on the go to meet ever-changing needs. Things like adding a new field, a new condition, and various other options just by clicking a few buttons.

    Where does the ‘e’ come from?

    JurisTech’s solutions that have served more than 50+ clients have all stemmed from our very own Juris Application Server (JAS), a powerful PHP application server that allows for the rapid-fire creation of database-driven web applications.

    JAS enables data to be presented as HTML tables and forms quickly with facilities for record creation, modification, and removal, along with pagination, search, and yet others. This is done while also using our ‘e’ button functions on JAS which greatly simplifies the configuration and customisation of various pages where data is presented; codes do not have to be constructed from scratch and pages can be set up in a few minutes, all through the power of ‘e’.

    JAS is a proven framework and used not only within JurisTech, but also in organisations in 22 countries globally.

    For a specific business solution, the framework allows our software engineers to build a base solution which is thereafter configured to completion by our professional services engineer. The strength of the framework comes from its configurability where in any customer engagement, the majority of work is in configuration and integration rather than development. So how does this benefit our clients?

    ‘e’ as a key differentiator

    JurisTech has helped over 50+ banks, financial institutions and partner brands with a number of solutions given to solve each customer-specific need. Our clients value our solutions as we bring them several perks on using our framework.

    Ease of Customisability

    JurisTech’s solutions allows customisation to fit business needs.

    Faster Scalability

    JurisTech’s solutions evolves and stays relevant to the business requirements.

    Quicker Deployment Time

    JurisTech’s solutions take a shorter time to deploy due to fast customisability.

    The power of ‘e’ is a total paradigm shift, where anyone with bright ideas can make a significant difference in how things are executed, even if they don’t know how to code.
    With the power of ‘e’, the power to conceptualise solutions takes precedence over brute programming skills.
    With the power of ‘e’, your agility is only limited by your imagination!

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