GECOnites Episode 8: Hitting the Target

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Holding a degree in Business Computing from University of Winnipeg with Gold Medal honours, Wai Hun started her career in Ernst & Young in consulting and implementation of financial systems. She co-founded Juris in 1997, smack in the middle of the Asian financial crisis which saw the country’s overnight rate rose from 8% to 40%. In crisis there is opportunity, and this holds true for Wai Hun as she secured her first deal with a large multi-national bank to provide a crucial recovery solution for said bank. With passion for product innovation and zeal for culture building, Wai Hun is constantly scaling new heights for Juris. Drawing strength from her Christian faith, Wai Hun is a pillar of positive energy and commitment for Jurisians. ‘When Wai Hun is in the room, you can feel the energy and vibrancy that bubbles up from her!’ – this remark was made years ago by a programmer and echoed by all Jurisians who have ever worked with her.