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The Juris Annual Dinner 2018 Videos

Explaining a joke kills it, they said. It’s like dissecting a frog, they said.

Oh, hi Mark

Oh hi, I didn’t see you there. If you found this page from the link you saw on the Juris Annual Dinner 2018 video, you’re in the right place, as you can rewatch parts one and two, or watch the director’s cut if you’d like. Another reason for the creation of this page, is to explain some of the jokes in the captions. By some, I mean all of them. Almost. Starting with the first heading above. ‘Oh, hi Mark’ is a reference to the 2003 movie by Tommy Wiseau, The Room. If you’ve stumbled upon this page on the internet, don’t worry about it. You may slowly back away from this page.

The director’s cut

The original video spans five minutes and 17 seconds. It is synched to the music, especially around the three chorus areas. The rough structure of the video sections, below. Bold text is when the chorus kicks in. Text with strikethroughs are unused images I had to discard, in order for the whole thing to fit within the song. Oh yeah, a total of 85 images (still and moving) were used.

  • Work
    • JurisTech shot
    • Shot of folks working
    • Meeting poses
    • World domination whiteboard
    • Gossip/’Discussion’ (video)
    • Jiak / KT the actor
    • Hugging plushie
    • Evolved into animal
    • Plush crush
    • Bottling up
    • Sitting levels
  • Food
    • Pandi?
    • Coffee (video)
    • Juris drinks
    • Overnight oats other health foods
    • Juris cooks
    • Birthday cakes
  • Sleep
    • Omer
    • Ben
    • Yan Lun
    • Vincent
    • Nature video of JY (video)
  • Charity
    • Shoebox donations
    • Orphanage charity
    • Garage sale
    • Juris goes green
    • Flat tyre
  • Activity
    • Running (video)
    • Hiking
    • Badminton
    • High-intensity interval training
    • Zumba
    • Darts
    • Pool
    • Air hockey
    • Foosball
    • Memory game
    • FIFA
    • Wai Hun on ping pong, John on chess, Naaman on CS, Ben Chee and Yan Lun on pull-ups (video)
  • Talents
    • Dressing-up (2013: superheroes; 2014: Oscars; 2015: occupational; 2016: cultural; 2017: masquerade)
    • Dance
    • Lip-sync (video)
  • Culture
    • Town hall meeting
    • Chinese New Year and Eid al-Fitr gatherings?
    • Annual dinner
    • Culture quote
  • Closing
    • End credits crawl
    • Post-credits scene

One of the feedback of the original is that the each picture’s airtime is too short, so it was split to two, and stretched out to three and three-and-a-half minutes, respectively, making the total six minutes and 30 seconds. Part one ends immediately after the nature video of JY. Part two needs the charity section to be moved to only show up after the activity section, in order to make sure the chorus is still synced to the photo of Wai Hun playing ping pong.

In part two, the end credits crawl had to be cut shorter. In fact, even in the director’s cut, the credits had been trimmed down slightly. The original credits below, with the struck-through text being ones that never made the cut:

  1. ‘Takin’ Care of Business’ by: Bachman–Turner Overdrive
  2. Video idea from: Naaman Lee
  3. MAC-in-chief / Nature narrator: Ishtiaque Hossain
  4. Comma King / Punmaster: Reuben Thum
  5. Spy Cam Queen / Disney expert: Athira Harizan
  6. Adobe mami / Cake pusher: Azah Azura
  7. Images from:
    1. The Culture Team
    2. The MAC Team
    3. Vincent Thong
    4. Koh Eng Soon
    5. Azah Azura
    6. The magical Drive K:
    7. Juris’s Facebook Page
    8. Jurisians (thank you all)
  8. # of images used: 85
  9. # of images without captions: 9
  10. # of images with Vincent: 9
  11. Number of images with Yan Lun: 8
  12. Number of images with Ben Chee: 8
  13. Number of images with Jiann Yao: 7
  14. Number of images with Kuet Tai: 5
  15. Software used:
    1. GoPro Quik
    2. Apple iMovie
    3. Adobe Photoshop
  16. Cups of coffee drank in the making of this video: 15
  17. Weaselpants his real name?: It is now
  18. Hong Kong actor?: Lawrence Ng
  19. Other Hong Kong actor?: Yong Kuet Tai
  20. How tall is Yau Kiat?: Only Eric knows
  21. Is the standup meeting over yet?: Yes, yes it is
  22. Jiann Yao still asleep?: Stay tuned to find out
  23. Yan Lun OK after his fall?: Yes, but we’re in stitches!
  24. Where’d you get that body from?: I GOT IT FROM MY DADDY
  25. Where to re-watch this:

Part one

Part two

Communication breakdown

Communication Breakdown’ happens to be a Led Zeppelin song, but what we’re about to go through is a breakdown of most of the text captions, communicated to you via more text.

  1. A square roundtable
    I just thought it is funny that our roundtable tables were arranged in a square shape.
  2. Upper management / Lower management
    I previously saw one of our employee tags with a picture of Elize with the job title, ‘Management.’ Probably made by Difo.
  3. Yan Lun sitting during a standup #likeaboss
    This was during a Presales standup meeting, I believe. Another picture of Yan Lun taken just moments after this will appear later. The ‘#likeaboss’ will also show up again later; I believe this is called a brick joke in the entertainment industry.
  4. Ben Chee overseeing a meeting, literally
    This was from Ishti, who posted it on Facebook. Not sure if Ben’s figuratively overseeing the meeting though.
  5. Mr Mogul Weaselpants: Level 12 meeting coordinator
    We were trying to find out the real name of the plushie, but failed. Weaselpants it is.
  6. Jiann Yao + Dhiak = Jiak
    I believe Athira came up with this. This is perfect as we could also use an equation format for the next image.
  7. Kuet Tai ≈ Hong Kong actor
    Believe it or not, I just searched for ‘Hong Kong actor who always plays a doctor or a lawyer,’ and Lawrence Ng immediately showed up, LOL. I wonder how old is Kuet Tai when that photo was taken.
  8. ‘The Plush Crush’ / ‘The Please Love Me’ / ‘The Handsfree Burpee’ / ‘The Happily Ever After’
    We initially thought of making a short love story out of this, but it will be too long to fit into this video.
  9. …or by getting ‘down’ to business on our chairs
    Figuratively and literally.
  10. Low/Lower/Lowest/Lowerest
    We needed to think of the fourth superlative, but it turns out that ‘lowerest’ is an actual word, albeit an archaic one.
  11. We always open up to measuring our ‘growth’
    If you pay close attention, besides ‘opening up,’ the other three GECO values will also show up later.
  12. ‘Speaking of which, we also ‘grow’ our heroes horizontally
    Two GECO values down, two to go.
  13. Pump-action coffee (caffèlatte)
    Thought of tying this with the other coffee picture, so I went with a gun action.
  14. Semi-automatic coffee (Nespresso)
    Can’t think of any puns for Omer except for this one and maybe Omericana.
  16. Mattress: optional
    I initially misspelled it as ‘matress’ but luckily Kelly spotted it.
  17. ‘Is the standup meeting over yet?’
    This is the one that ties back to the initial photo of Yan Lun.
  18. What goes around, comes around, Jiann Yao
    This is just to tie into the next video of JY sleeping.
  19. We put community first, by giving back
    Three GECO values down, one to go. Can’t really find a way to mention ‘customer first,’ so ‘community first’ will do.
  20. We excel because we’re physically and mentally fit
    The final GECO value.
  21. Post-running pose
    Luckily Yau Kiat posed for this picture, so it ties into the next one.
  22. Pre-running pose
    The original video is actually way longer, but this section is where the action happens.
  23. My hiking trip? Let me ‘summit’ up for you
    Just like what I’m doing now, summing it up for you.
  24. Caught a case of badminton
    Because people usually say, ‘I caught a case of bad flu.’ Actually, it’s more like, ‘I caught a bad case of flu,’ but some artistic licence may have been applied.
  25. Our last session was a HIIT
    High-intensity interval training.
  26. Zumba to the tumba
    Tumba is a musical genre that may also use the tumba drum.
  27. The dart vader
    Vader literally means ‘father’ in Dutch. The more you know.
  28. Pooling a fast one
    To ‘pull a fast one’ means to cheat or trick someone.
  29. Do the air hockey puckey and strike it all around
    I’m sure you heard of the children song before, ‘Hokey Pokey.’
  30. I wish I was a little foosballer
    There was this 90s rap song called ‘I Wish’ by Skee-Lo with the chorus, ‘I wish I was a little bit taller, wish I was a baller…’
  31. The memory game was finger-sniffin’ good
    Finger-lickin’ good.
  32. Figure-Inactive Football Amusement
  33. Ping pong like a boss (oh wait)
    This ties back to Yan Lun’s photo in the beginning.
  34. The chess/chest stretch
    There is no other way to caption this photo.
  35. CS:GO – another one bites ‘de_dust’
    ‘Another one bites the dust’ means someone has fallen out of the competition. ‘de_dust’ is one of the maps in Counter-Strike.
  36. Pull-ups like there’s no tomorrow / RIP, Yan Lun
    I made sure that all activities were actually mentioned in the captions, for those who may not know what are they called. Like HIIT, for example.
  37. Juris Goes Green
    Fortunately, Kuet Tai is also wearing green here.
  38. The Otai’s
    Otai is actually a Malaysian slang for ‘old timers.’
  39. Escape from Aldiaz
    There was this movie with Clint Eastwood in it, called ‘Escape from Alcatraz.’
  40. The Poncho Patrol
    This one just came naturally, even though it isn’t referencing anything from popular culture. It just sounds right, so we went with it.
  41. Leen In
    Lean In is a book from Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook.
  42. The Carameliza
    You know, like caramel, and Meliza.
  43. In the Nik of Time
    ‘In the nick of time’ means just in time.
  44. The Little 4x Lee
    Xiao Li Lily Lee.
  45. Where’d you get that body from
    This is actually a song from PSY. It will be stuck in our heads for days, again. We apologise.
  46. A holy MACkerel production.
    It started as a joke on the Marketing and Communication’s (MAC) town hall meeting newsletter. We thought of using a different MAC pun every month. The first newsletter is titled ‘MAC ‘n’ cheese’ and the second one is ‘the holy MACkerel.’ We already have the title for the third newsletter.