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Juris DocMan is Juris Technologies’ document management system that allows you to easily manage all your digital documents. It can also be seamlessly integrated with all of Juris’ products.

In today’s world, there is an abundance of papers in forms of documents, contracts, manuals and important business agreements all piled up in dusty shelves, and that is only part of the problem. As we all know lots of companies has already embraced the digital documenting, throwing away all the papers or at least most of it, feeling green and very smug. But very few have any idea how to manage this large amount of documents. With just a bunch of folders of digital documents, the experience of searching and retrieving one is no better than trying to get its physical counterpart from under a huge pile of papers, or maybe even worse.

Enter Juris DocMan: the world class Juris document management solution for scanning, securing, categorizing and versioning of all your documents. The brilliant plug-and-play design of Juris DocMan allows our existing customers to enjoy the capabilities of a full-fledge document management system integrated into their already purchased Juris Products such as:

  1. Juris Origination – Loan origination software
  2. Juris Collect – End-to-end debt collection software

New customers can also acquire a standalone copy of DocMan that can later be complemented with Juris Contact CRM, our web based CRM software.

Juris DocMan works around the notion of cabinets. Every cabinet will either monitor a network shared folder, get documents from scanner or monitor your email inbox. When the documents are loaded into the cabinet, they will be filtered based on any combination of the keywords specified in the settings of that cabinet (e.g. don’t accept the documents that has the keyword “draft” in the title). A PDF version of the document can be automatically created for email and preview purposes. At the end Juris DocMan is smart enough to fill in the correct meta data based on certain indicators such as barcode or naming of the document.

Every cabinet can be further customized by defining a workflow, ensuring that the document will go through correct email or approval processes at the correct stages. Juris DocMan leverages on the Juris Workflow engine which is the one of the core modules in most of Juris Applications including Juris Origination and Juris Collect. It can be used to create sophisticated document workflows with just a few drags and drops.

After the document is entered into DocMan, it can be indexed and retrieved in many different ways. Juris DocMan supports up to 200 user-defined fields per cabinet, as well as free form tagging of the documents. With Juris’ document management system, users can add the document to their favorite list and always get access to the latest documents that they have worked on.

Capture the document directly from Email inbox

Document Workflow

Document Security

Document linkage to other Juris products

Free Form Tagging

200 Indexing Criteria per cabinet

In-browser document preview

Check-In/Check-Out with the option for Microsoft Office Toolbar

Digital Signature with Microsoft Office Toolbar